Geoff Burch

Geoff Burch

Presenter of BBC’s All Over the Shop where he helps failing businesses up and down the country to run around. A phenomenon who has delighted audiences throughout Britain and abroad, Geoff Burch is an extraordinary speaker whose unique and refreshing outlook on customer care and sales has made him the busiest of speakers available. He is the author of Resistance is Useless – the Art of Business Persuasion which has just been published in the USA following its outstanding success in the UK.

His slightly unconventional image and extensive use of humour should not hide the fact that he has a powerful message which can benefit absolutely any client-focused organisation. His credentials are impressive having worked extensively with the likes of BT, Barclays, Lloyds, Galagher, National Girobank, Prudential, Pearl, Scottish Amicable, Lex, Logica, Tandem and many more companies to present, motivate and train at all levels.

The son of a Viennese psychiatrist, Geoff has a wealth of experience illustrating the thinking required to make our customers love us! Geoff is equally at ease speaking at a conference as he is after dinner. It is our belief that virtually every company we speak to could benefit from his entertaining style and compelling message!

Having gained a reputation as both a funny and persuasive speaker, he was constantly being asked to teach his skills to others. His style is relaxed and fun, his observations are unique and his impact on an audience is amazing. You could fill a room with a cross section of people from a part-time cleaner to a managing director of an international company and everybody would come away with new ideas. Geoff isn’t just interested in talking about selling and customer service, he looks at every conceivable area of interaction between the company and the customer. Geoff is meticulous in preparing his presentation, studying the profile of the audience, the market in which they work, the competition they face and how to exploit the advantages they have. He then combines this specific information with his generic approach to any situation. His power to make a sales organisation believe in itself and to establish and maintain the motivation to succeed is central to his presentation.

Geoff Burch is possibly the most original sales coach in the UK. He is flexible and can work in a conference or after dinner environment. In a business that seems to be dominated by acronyms and mnemonics, Geoff Burch takes us in a different direction and provides, as his impressive client base will testify, a very high level of satisfaction.

Highly experienced and always captivating, Geoff Burch has the unusual habit of arriving on the conference platform riding a motorcycle, normally a Harley Davidson. He is a speaker who is certainly in a class of his own.

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