Paul Fletcher MBE

Paul Fletcher MBE

Paul is one of only a handful of professional footballers who have made the transition from team sheet to balance sheet. Over the last decade he has been Chief Executive at three of the finest football club stadiums ever to be built in this country, two of which winning Building of the Year Awards in 1995 and 1998 (Huddersfield’s McAlpine Stadium and Bolton’s Reebok).

He now regularly attends Sporting and Corporate events explaining how he has used his Sporting experiences in the business world to secure some of the most lucrative sponsorships and commercial deals of the past decade such as his most recent project at Coventry’s new Ricoh arena which is the first stadium in the world to be self financing without relying on football gate receipts. His experience as an After Dinner speaker for over 20 years, provides a humorous insight to his presentations which achieve a happy blend between message and entertainment

What’s the secret?
He puts all his success down to teamwork, saying ” I just drew on the simple teamwork principles I learned in my playing days at Burnley Football Club. People then used to wonder how this small town of Burnley achieved success in the greatest league in the World Football. Yet there are no great secrets, it was down to teamwork. Ordinary people, fired up with enthusiasm and a common goal can achieve incredible results . . . and have some fun along the way”.

Paul Fletcher has become one of the most sought after Speakers in the country. Whether it be Keynote, Conference, Motivational or After Dinner, his relaxed style, northern humour and sporting/business anecdotes deliver a dynamic performance everytime.

“. . . Thank you for your excellent contribution . . . the subject and your Presentation was exactly right and each of us have taken away key Messages”. KMPG Huddersfield

“. . . We have had favourable feedback and your contribution was superb”.
Lloyds Bank plc

paul-fletcher-1“Not only was the event a complete success – your speech proved inspirational to everyone. All my clients from the region’s TEC’s were impressed by your professionalism, delivery and speech content and couldn’t wait to give me their glowing reports”.Bradford & Bingley Building Society

“. . . We arrived as a loosely knit federation of individuals with our own agenda; we left with a clear idea of what we were trying to achieve as a team”.
KPMG London

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